Thursday, August 12, 2004

Okay that photo of the deer in my mother's yard did not come thru on my blogger, so I'm trying again. This deer is without concern taking a wander in my mother's back yard..too awesome, isn't it? Not skittering around the outside of the fence but just as unabashed as it pleases, this deer along with some others have simply decided to make themselves at home in my mother's yard. Multiple deer are behaving like they created this wonderful garden/yard space especially for the displaced deer. I find it a wonderment. It's not the country that my folks live in, it's smack dab in the middle of suburbia.  Posted by Hello

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11181955 said...

I saw these pic.s and it made me miss Beaver Wash. all over again.. :( I remember the same thing as I see these of the Deers, We also use to have Elk that during Rutting Season they would be right in our back yard at times as we, lived in the rain-forest area. From time to time also,bear,fox,(coyote-I had a baby one for about 6-mo. till some told the rangers, raised it from a baby,mom was killed had to take it to a friends house back then that had a permit for wildlife. I also remember my son and his friend when they were about 5-6yr.old they would go out and watch the Elk fight during mating season and tease then always worryed me but they do remember the time we we're up in the hill picking Chanrelle-mushrooms and, our dog started barking at a cow-elk with her calf. Well I and my husband stepped back as we saw the dog get butt to head butted by the mom-cow and as he went flying pass us in the air we learn a whole new respect for the wild-life.As I was sure, our dog did to!!! I would walk the trails alot behind our house, would see alot of deer mostly, but I could not get pass the look in their eyes, when you walked a-pond them in the brush. It was like they.. also knew you meant no harm to them.