Thursday, July 29, 2004

Transcripts of Keynote Speakers at Democratic National Convention

  The primary broadcast channels are NOT showing the Democratic National Convention and some of those especially riveting and memorable speeches by some of the keynote speakers, like Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton,   marine Lt. Col. Steve Brozak, Al Gore (the truel elected President), Teresa Heinz Kerry and some other notable speeches. 
  So I'm collecting the transcripts and putting them in one place on a website (yep, I'm building it)   and you can see the transcripts at   
   Help.....   I am still looking for the transcipt for what Rev. Al Sharpton actually said, not the press release speech.   He did some last minute changes and offered up a noteworthy speech that I want to collect, it will be historical.    
   I'm also looking for the transcript of speeches made by 
    .. marine Lt. Col. Steve Brozak, who served in Iraq, he was Republican and dismayed by what he is seeing in Iraq has switched to Democratic party, plans to vote for John Kerry.   He speaks for many officers and soldiers that have no public voice.    
  .. Al Gore,   the authentically elected President  
    We are actually watching the Democratic National Convention each night this week on PBS channel and CNN is also showing.   Interestingly, and sadly the major broadcast channels, CBS, ABC, NBC   are NOT showing coverage.
   Interesting, because these are public channels who are given the public air waves at no charge and have legal responsibility to cover elections....  
   quoted   "Democracy, the Ultimate Reality TV..... The Big Three networks have decided that our democracy is bad for their business, which is why this week viewers were treated to worm munching (NBC's Fear Factor), puking (CBS's Big Brother 5) and liposuction (ABC's Extreme Makeover) instead of primetime convention coverage from Boston’s Fleet Center. "
    If you have the transcripts or can point me in the right direction, email me at                thanks.

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